Lola 10 80x160/80x180

Lola 10 80x160/80x180

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Medium soft hypoallergenic children's mattress. The base layer of the mattress is HR foam. HR foam provides elasticity, orthopedic effect and convenience for comfort and relaxation. From one side mattress is supplemented with latex layer. Latex possesses a wide range of unique features, for instance, elasticity and resistance, as well as ability to bear great loads and resist shape changes. Air channels in latex filler provides good air circulation and even pressure distribution. Conforming to individual’s body shape, latex provides the highest comfort level.
Double-sided children’s mattress.



  • cotton
  • 3 cm latex
  • 6 cm HR foam plate
  • cotton
  • removable quilted covering
  • Height: 10.0 cm
  • Firmness of sides: soft
  • Anatomical features: high
  • Load distribution: even

Delivery time 1-3 weeks