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How to choose a bed frame?

It is a question faced by everyone for whom a comfortable rest is important. Contrary to popular belief, it is the frame that largely determines how comfortable we will sleep in the bed. In addition, a properly selected frame will ensure greater durability for the mattress. So what should you pay attention to when choosing a frame?

What are the features of a good frame?

First of all, we pay attention to the slats. Flexible slats are the best. They ensure comfortable and ergonomic weight distribution. It is also important that there are enough slats, the minimum is 28. For foam and latex mattresses, it is worth choosing frames with a higher density, such as the Trioflex model, which has as many as 42 slats: 

Another important issue is the possibility of adjusting the hardness by means of rings on the slats. They can be moved in and out, thus changing the hardness of the frame. The more we move the rings to the outside of the frame, the harder it will be. The closer you place them to the center, the more soft the frame will be.

Which frame for a single bed and which for a double bed?

When choosing a frame, one of the key questions that should be answered is whether one or two people will rest in bed. If the structure of the frame has a longitudinal strip in the middle, then a zone of several centimeters is created that is not supported by the frame. This model will not be suitable for single beds. Why? One person usually takes the place in the middle of the bed, which means it loads the middle zone of the mattress. This can cause bruising of the area over time. Therefore, we recommend frames such as Duoflex, Twinflex or Trioflex for single beds. They are not split, so there will be no risk of deformation of the mattress.

For double beds, however, both types of frames will work, both those divided and those without a longitudinal strip. The most popular models for mattresses dedicated to two people are: Twinpack, Duoflex NV and Duoflex KF. What are they characterized by?

The Twinpack model is made of birch wood. The slats are embedded in the handles in the frame of the rack and have hardness adjustment, which we mentioned earlier. In the middle part it has a longitudinal rail, thanks to which each of the resting people can adjust the hardness to their needs.

The Duoflex NV model, in turn, is made of beech wood and has slats embedded in elastic handles in the frame of the frame, which are additionally reinforced with a belt. Like Twinpack, it is equipped with an additional hardness adjustment that can be adjusted individually to the needs of each user.

The Duoflex KF model is additionally equipped with a lifting mechanism, making it suitable for beds with a bedding container.

Is it worth choosing an adjustable frame?

Adjustable frames give you more options when looking for the best position to rest. If you like reading before going to bed, this would be a great choice. When deciding on an adjustable frame, it is worth considering which type of mechanism will be the most appropriate.

We have a choice of frames with mechanical and electrical adjustment. In the first option, we set the frame manually. Sufficiently flexible mattresses are required for this type of frames. The best ones will be those made of foam or latex or those with a lot of springs, such as the Venus model: 

Electrically regulated racks have built-in actuators. This solution provides additional comfort. It is only worth paying attention to where the actuator is mounted. Usually it fits under the rack, as in the Samurai model, for example: Therefore, such racks will not be suitable for low beds, such as Ostrowit from the Rustyk collection.

It is also worth remembering that in the case of adjustable frames, it is necessary that the bed is equipped with a central strip and the so-called the fifth leg. This solution is available in all beds over 120 cm wide that are in our offer.

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